A few of our clients include:
Catherine, House of Holland, Kashmir, Beggars
Banquet, Jimmy Van Zandt Band, Rex Carroll
Band, Crossroads, Burro Creek, The Jets ,Kal
Bergendahl Project, Living Light School of
Worship, Sign Of The Dove Church, Stayin
Alive, Postured for Praise, Alice Cooper Tribute,
Man In Black, Sandcarvers, Doo Wop Daddies,
Gizzae, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Liverpool
Legends, Too Much Saturn, Stockwood,
British Export, Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel,
Bumpus, The Buckleys, Lil' Ed and The Blues
Imperials,Pat McCurdy, Natty Nation, Lupara,
Catfight, Jeremy Scott, Billy Club, Dirty Dan &
the Boyz, The Danger, The Big MiGaffers, 89
Mojo, The Barbeez, MS Walk in Grant Park-
Chicago,Wade, Abbott Laboratories,Medline
Industries, Summit Events, Happenings
Magazine, RecPlex/City of Pleasant Prairie,
Countryside Mortgage, Great Lakes Naval Base,
City of Kenosha, City of Winthrop Harbor, City
of Waukegan, and soon at a location near you!
Recording Services

Live &  Recording Studio Services

We now feature anything from Digidesign ProTools recording format
down to the old school pair of mics in the back of a room through an
esoteric signal chain that will nob your hobbottom & then some.
Engineer/Producer Russ Spice, will capture your performance at your
show, record each instrument & voice with individual tracks & help
isolate instruments where possible.  Typically the group ends up
with a REAL sounding demo that actually demonstrates what you...
really actually sound like Live.  A person hiring you as a live act
should get to hear what you really do!!
We have teamed up with Phase Recording in Highland Park, IL to
work on tuning the mix in quick low cost demo, or tweeking the life
force within the magical event into a  full length, live cd release for the
Russ has worked on & has credits on over 50 releases over the past
20 years with artists such as Smashing Pumpkins (Virgin),
Catherine (TVT), Fulflej (Mercury), and many more independant label
House of Holland at
the legendary  Brat Stop!!
Professional Audio & Video Systems
Live Event & Recording Services
Live Sound & Event Production
On the road
Spice Audio now owns a very nice compact sound system by Bag
End, featuring 4- 15" two way TA1500 cabinets & 8- 18" subwoofers
using an 'Infra' bass processor.  The result: an awesome full range
sound system without all the floor space needed for speaker stacks.  
A 24 channel mixer, outboard goodies, all the mics, cables, etc. that
can be set up and run by our professional staff.  
We also have lighting, projection, and staging, and can put together
an awesome production for your event for an unbelievable price!
We can go from an outdoor event for thousands of attendees down to
a small intimate venue.
Call us today to book your event!