Residential Audio/Video, & Low Voltage
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Hundreds of Top
Quality Manufacturers
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At Spice Audio we believe when you design a system    for your
home, this system should
operate very easily, no matter how
complex the design
, and be very  dependable.

We strive to meet your needs by providing systems with crystal clear
audio, stunning video,  using top quality composnents.

We work together with your family to improve your lifestyle with state
of the art systems.  
Home Theatre Surround Audio
Plasma Displays, Flat screen TV’s
Video Projection systems, Projection Screens
Audio & Video distribution systems (zoning)
Acoustic Treatments
Custom designed audio visual furniture
Satellite & Cable TV distribution
HDTV & Antenna Systems (VHF,UHF, FM/AM)
Phone & Intercom Systems
CCTV security systems
Computer networking &
hi speed modem distribution
Home Automation, smart remotes

State of the art sound & video systems using
only top quality manufacturers.

Built in and vanishing components.

Over 13 years in the industry.
Professional Audio & Video Systems
Live Event & Recording Services